Does the Police Department respond to private property accidents?

No – not unless there is an injury or it is a hit-and-run.  Parties involved may exchange information and contact their respective insurance companies.

How can I search for registered sex offenders in the community?

Persons can search for registered sex offenders by visiting the Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry at: http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=55662

How do I become a volunteer with the Prescott Police Department?

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (928) 777-1988

How do I hire an off-duty officer?

You may request to hire off-duty police officers for security through the Off-Duty Management web-based service, OfficerTRAK®, or calling the toll-free number at 1-877-636-8300.


How do I contact an Animal Control Officer to seek information regarding violations or licensing information?

The Animal Control Officers may be reached at 445-3131 for issues that require immediate attention.  If an Animal Control Officer is not on duty you may leave them a message at 777-1136.

How do I dispose of unwanted prescription drugs?

As part of their prescription drug program, the City of Prescott Police Department is accepting prescription pills for disposal at no cost. Empty the pill containers into a Ziploc bag and bring them to 222 S. Marina Street during

How do I schedule a Ride Along with a Police Officer?

Contact the Prescott Police Records Section at 777-1988 to obtain a Ride Along Form .  The form will explain the requirements and allow you to choose a desired date and time for your tour.


Can I be fingerprinted at the Prescott Police Department?

The Prescott Police Department does not do fingerprinting but you can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Yavapai College if you are a student and or the Prescott Valley Police Department for their dates, times and cost.

Can I find out if I am wanted?

The best way to find this information is to contact the courts directly. Because we cannot verify identity over the telephone, we can’t release the information if you call. If you come to Records in person, we are required to notify an officer and you may be arrested.

Can police officers unlock my car door to retrieve my keys?

No – not unless a child is locked in the vehicle; police and fire do not respond to keys locked in a vehicle.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

Contact our Records Section (928) 777-1988 and they will give you guidelines for obtaining a copy of a police report.

What are your hours?

We are open to the public from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Monday through Friday.

Where do I find out if someone has been arrested?

Yavapai County Jail- Camp Verde (928) 567-7734

Where is Records located?

We are located at 222 South Marina, Prescott, Arizona 86303.


Specific requests for statistical information can be submitted on-line or in person at the Prescott Police Department.

How can I recover property that has been impounded at the Police Department?

If the property is either lost or found-you can make an appointment through the Prescott Police Department property and evidence section to retrieve the property. If the items held are evidence in a criminal case or are being held as a result of a court order, the property may be retrieved as allowable by law after the case has been completed through the court process.

What resources are available to victims of crime through the Prescott Police Department?

The Prescott Police Department takes pride in approaching crime through a victim centered approach. A complete and thorough investigation will be conducted and services such as the representation of a victims advocate will be offered. The Prescott Police Department partners with various resources throughout the community to provide a comprehensive approach to victims of all crimes. In the case of personal crimes such as assault, domestic violence or molestation, we work in cooperation with agencies such as the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center and the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) to support the victim and families throughout the investigation and the judicial process.

For more information about what services and resources are available to victims of crime, please contact the Police Department Victim Services Unit at (928) 777-1936


How long is the Police Academy?

The Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy is 20 weeks.

What is the salary range for police officers?

The salary range for a Police Officer Recruit is $61, 826.23.


Are Citizens on Patrol armed?


What areas of the Police Department can volunteers work?

They are welcome in all areas with the largest majority volunteering in our Citizens on Patrol Unit.